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Free Quote – Individual & Family Medical Insurance

Finding the Right Plan at the Right Price

When purchasing an insurance plan through an employer isn’t an option, individual and family plans are available to maintain the coverage you and your family need.

Finding the right plan is easy. Simply choose the type of coverage you are interested in from the options on this page, and read more about the products available. If you have a question about a plan, simply give us a call at 703-654-6050 and we’d be happy to help you select the plan that is best for you.

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 2018 Open Enrollment Opens

November 1st 2017

If you don’t enroll in the 2018 Open Enrollment ( it runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017)  you can’t enroll in a health insurance plan for 2018 unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

If you looking for a ON Exchange Plans ( Healthcare.gov ) click the link below an review your options via our link to through Healthcare.gov – Health Sherpa




2018 OFF Exchange Carriers

Individual Health Insurance Companies    

 Carefirst Insurance Virginia Maryland                                  cigna_logo       


Special Enrollment Period

A time outside of the open enrollment period during which you and your family have a right to sign up for health coverage. ON or OFF the Marketplace, you qualify for a special enrollment period 60 days following certain life events that involve a change in family status (for example, marriage or birth of a child) or loss of other health coverage. Job-based plans must provide a special enrollment period of 30 days.

Call 703-654-6050 or Email us here if you wish to receive any information on about the  Special Enrollment options.