Voluntary Benefits

Financial Protection

Create an overall sense of well-being for your employees

In today’s economy, most employees need more than health insurance to feel financially secure.  When purchased at low group rates, voluntary benefits are an affordable way to for employees to alleviate financial worries. 


As a FREE resource, we will help you select which voluntary benefits best serve the needs of your employees, helping them to be better prepared for life’s unknowns, and without stretching the budget.

Life Insurance

Offered as a paid or voluntary benefit, an essential part of the group benefit offering...

Disability Insurance

Surveys show that disability insurance tops the list as one of most desired benefits by employees.

Dental & Vision Plans

Offered as a paid or voluntary benefit, a staple benefit proven to promote overall health.

Accident Plans

Accident insurance helps your employees be financially prepared for life's unknowns.

Critical Care Plans

Protects the financial welfare of your employees should they become critically ill.

Gap Insurance

Helps your employees pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and more.

Hospital Indemnity

Provides a cash benefit for each day your employee is in the hospital, allowing them piece of mind to recover fully.